As of November 25, 2023

Here's some of the current stuff I'm focusing on!

Watching: Harvest Moon deep dive videos and Let's Plays
Listening: in the pocket below the ocean by ff00ff
Reading: Creator's Guide to Comics
Writing: Marketing Emails for Work... bleh
Playing: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth (griding profession skills)
Developing: Website just for Art
Making: Using Sculpey to make lil guys!
Learning: About Game Design... interesting
Feeling: Pretty good! Tired of work tho
Remembering: Snowy days in Hungary...
Interested In: Trying to make more Sculpey guys or making a small game!

Current Space(s)

Places to Find me On the NET!

CoHost: @softwareangel
Grundo's Cafe: ~softwareangel
BBS: Big Beautiful System , a few others (but I'm still getting a foothold and scoping out those boards first before sharing)