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Hello to everyone on the World Wide Web!

I am Angel, the Software Angel, and I hope to be your friend! I enjoy reading, gaming, drawing, making videos and talking to folks online.

I love retrotech, and dabbling in electronic art, and have a small collection of tech, games, and other cool things.

I have a lot of personas (I like to draw them often), and a webcomic of my own as well! You can check them out by following the links on the left to view them in my gallery.

I now have a "Now" section, where you can keep up to date with my current Statuses, Projects, Where to find me on the NET, etc!


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Recent Blog

June 12th, 2023

I think I'm finally doing it, I'm finally clawing my way out of my depression hole... It really really should not have taken this long but MAN it sure did. I feel like I was in there for weeks. Months. Festering.

I went to work today just feeling absolutely miserable. I, again, felt like a waste of an existance, terrible at my job, and felt very little will to continue on. If I had no shred of dignity or morals left, I easily would have called in sick.

Instead, I didn't. I got to work an hour early, and just sat in the parking lot listening to my mixtapes... thinking about Spacepals, my characters... the story I so badly didn't want to give up. But for some reason, I was thinking "Mabye this really is the point where I never work on it again." I genuinely felt like it was over. ...
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