Town Cleanup and... New Towns?


Helloooooo I've been busy plucking every. last. weed... that has been allowed to overgrow! Just in Fauna though...

I realize now how difficult it is to maintain three different towns... however... I have two more memory cards. And I really, REALLY want to make a town that is in the opposite hemisphere as the town I currently maintain: Fauna.

So my idea is, that when it's Fall in Fauna, it's Spring in the other town... Winter in Fauna, summer in the other town! I think it would be cute, and possibly something I start later today!

In any case, I went ahead and caught and donated a few new things: A Red Dragonfly, and a Mantis!

I've also started to grow my orchard, and planted a couple more golden trees! I want to get as many golden trees as possible now, they're just so pretty.

I'll update my blog for now, but when I come back I will likely have made a couple new towns with different hemispheres/seasons! ^__^

I'm mainly doing this because I really, REALLY, want to complete my collections and museum!!! Arrghh!!
Until next time~


Back to the Grind...


Just a short update today, there's a lot I need to do in my town, but I just wanted to pop in to collect a few things before going to bed! (I desperately need to pluck all my weeds and get started on organizing trees!!)

A couple bugs I caught today, the Pine Cricket and the Bell Cricket! Probably my favorite time of year for bugs... so soothing...

I also happened to stumble across a Strange Painting at Nook's! It was a nice surprise especially after having not played for so long :3

Well that's all for now! My next biggest goals are getting my lists back together again for collecting seasonal bugs and fish, and also updating the graphics for each Villager's collections.

I think I also want to start planning out a fruit orchard somewhere next to the ocean... it would be nice to just have all the fruits be in one place!

Until next time...

-Angel (me knowing that there's so much to catch up on ->)

Hello, Fall!


Long time, no see!

There's been a LOT of time that I missed out on... but I HAVE been playing since I last updated!

I was mostly doing a lot of bug/fish collecting, just so I wouldn't miss out on their availability... But I forgot to play almost all of August... so I missed out on the important stuff like the BANDED DRAGONFLY!! ARRGH!

Here's a list of the things I did donate though:

Angelfish, Large Char, Classic Painting, Spider, Evening Cicada, Drone Beetle, Jewel Beetle, Robust Cicada, Walker Cicada, Brown Cicada, Dynastid Beetle, and Saw Stag Beetle!

I still need to update my collections page and get my goals back in order... I weep at the fact that I missed out on those special bugs/fish that only appear in summer... like the BANDED DRAGONFLY!! ARRGH!

In any case! It feels good to play again... there's so much to catch up on! I went ahead and made some cute lil patterns of my Computer Sona:

Well... there's a lot to make up for with the time that was lost, but hopefully I will be updating things more and more often!! Until next time...


The Hunt Begins!


Whew!! This is gonna be a lengthy post... But I've been playing through Fauna, collecting and donating a TONNN of bugs and fish to the Museum!!

So far I have caught everything I need for the month of June, EXCEPT for the ant... Funnily enough, the spider and bee were the hardest to catch!! Here's a bunch of photos of what I caught:

... PHEW.

Again, you can check out the collections status on the Collections section of the site! I've only been working on Fauna, but I am to work on completing the collections of other towns as well!

Like I said, I had no idea that catching the Spider and the Bee would be the hardest part... Find that Spider was a challenge of itself, and I was only able to find one when I traveled over to Cakeland!! The bees... horrible. Awful. But I happened to catch one compeletely by accident while miraculously getting my timing right as I was running away LOL.

I may have missed last Sunday's Fishing Tourney, but I fully intend to attend this Sunday's competetion! I already have a gold trophy, but it would be fun to have another!

In other going's on, Katrina came to town and read my forutne!

Well, after I got my fortune read, I don't think I got much of a luck bonus... Or did I? It's always so hard to tell. But I did find a lot more bells in trees than usual! Thank you Katrina :-)

I forgot how kind this game can really be...

Also, Met up with Blanca again while traveling in between Cakeland, gave her one of the best faces I've ever drawn for her LOL

Sahara was also in Town, so I traded her for carpets until I got the Mossy Floor carpet! I swapped out my old Classroom floor and Stone wall, with the Lunar Horizon and Mossy Carpet, for a really cozy look...

Last night I went and planted a shovel as a tree to make a golden shovel! Grow up big and strong...

Then, this morning I visited the island during a thunderstorm! I met with the island resident for the first time :-D

For fun I brought my island with me for a bit, but I realized there wasnt much I could do unless I gave my islander some tools... Whoops!

Well that's enough for this big update, I've been playing a lot lately. I aim to continue my bug and fish collecting in my other towns while I wait for Sunday's tourney and turnips!!

I'm also planning on creating some memory card dumps and uploading the town data for some of my towns here on my site, so you can visit and play in them any time you want!! I think it would be really fun, and doing multiplayer animal crossing on the gamecube was always a dream come true for me as a kid...

Alright, that's enough for today! Join me next time for more collection grinding! <3


Hellooooo June!


Long time no see, it's June already!

It was another rainy day, so not much bugs to be caught, but I did catch and donate both a Longhorn Beetle and a Pond Skater!

I didn't really even get to hang out with Doc much, but he already moved... Sad :-(

But Chico moved into his place! Hello, Chico! I really love this guy's expression LOL

Truffles hid a Ranch Dresser, which I easily found in acre B-1! I didn't really bother with digging up fossils today, I already have quite a bit of bells on hand.

For the rest of my time, I plucked all the weeds that have grown in, planted a cedar sapling, said Hi to my fave villagers, and redecorated my upstairs room a bit :-)

I'm glad I finally found ways to incorporate my little models! I can't wait to add more to this little floor.

Lastly, I called the psychic and got my little fortune... true! It really does feel like a nice and cozy normal day. Gotta be appreciative of cozy little days like today :-)

Well that's all for now! I hope to be playing more as summer goes on, my goal is to catch all the summer bugs and fish this year!
Take care!

P.S. I updated the Collections Page to have more detailed goals for this month!


Bug Catching Fest!


Good afternoon!

I got to play a little bit before I go to work and do errands for the rest of the day, so here's some highlights! Mostly, a lot of bugs were caught and donated to the museum.

The message board was updated, and Jambette buried a nice stereo in acre A-1, so I went to go collect it.

Also, we have a new villager who moved in: Cashmere! She is so sweet, and I love her sense of style for her house :3

Also, terrible photo, but... Pinky is wearing the Venus Shirt and it made me guffaw so loudly. It's wild to see it on another villager LOL

The rest of my time was doing dailies, and did some bug catching to donate as well! Here's my catches of the day:

All in all, I caught a: Common Butterfly, Ladybug, Yellow Butterfly, Swallowtail Butterfly, Common Dragonfly, and a Seven-Spotted Ladybug. I went and donated them all to the museum! Yippee!

Well that's all for today's session, I might come back in the night to do some errands for villagers or fish, and if I catch anything new I'll update this post!

It's been pretty hot outside, so if it's hot where you are, stay cool! Stay inside! Play Animal Crossing B-)


Mothers Day and GOLDEN AXE!!!


I completely forgot that Animal Crossing celebrates Mother's Day! I was doing my daily chores, and then visited the fountain as usual, and was surprised to see Tortimer there! He gave me the Lovely Phone... but that's not the exciting part...

I FINALLY unlocked the perfect town/Golden Axe!!!

Yaaaay!! I'm so happy... Now I can finally begin rennovating the upper half of the map and replace all the fruit/deciduous trees with cedar saplings! :-3

I went ahead and started replacing all the trees in acre A-1 with the saplings I had stored away in my basement... progress will be slow, but I'm going to utilize traveling between towns so that I can maximize the daily amount of saplings I can purchase!

Also the Lovely Phone is really really cute, I went and put it into my Computer Room upstairs! When you interact with it, it dials a Psychic Hotline! So cute...

Aside from doing daily tasks like mailing out fossils, planting flowers, and plucking weeds and chatting with a few neighbors... not much else happened! It was a pretty chill day in Fauna :-3

Hope to see you again tomorrow! Byeeeee!


Short Entry Saturday!


Short update today! Just did my daily errands and checked in with the fountain this morning, and caught a K.K. Slider performance tonight in between doing IRL tasks :-)

A mystery person buried a Turntable somewhere in Acres 2... but I had to leave for work so I decided to come back to it later!

Realized that I don't use an umbrella, and saw this beautiful flowery parasol and HAD to get it! I blend right in with my garden!

When I got home from work, I was working on some tech stuff, but in between I came back to my town, found the buried Turntable, gave Truffles a new catchphrase (now she says "oink oink" in Hungarian!), and got a new K.K. Slider song! I decided to do one of my favorites, Only Me!

Well, other than that, not much happened today! I was going to play more, but I got side-tracked with some IRL techy stuff! You can read more about it on my main page!

I'll be here again tomorrow, hopefully with some more gameplay! Until then, see you next time!


Rainy Day!


Helloooo it is a beautiful sunny day OUTSIDE... but in the land of Fauna? It's been rainy all day!

The good thing about rain is that it's always a money-making machine :-) Unfortunately I spent so much time today doing other things, that I didn't really farm for ocean fish during today's rain.

I happened to catch a snail today, adding it to my collection and donated it to the Museum!

I had a lotttt of bells saved up, and I'm so thankful I did, because Sahara was in town!

I ended up trading a couple times, and settled on a Tropical Floor for my attic/computer room... and a Classroom Floor for the ground floor!

One day I'll do a proper tour of all my houses, but here's a bit of the media of my main house in Fauna :-)

I still want to get some music going for my upstairs computer room... Just gotta wait until Saturday again! In just a few days as well... I SHOULD have the perfect town award and be gifted the Golden Axe!! Then I can finally start replacing all the trees on the cliffs with Cedar Saplings!

Well that's all for today! Nothing big and exciting happened, just played for a bit in between other stuff :-)
Catch you later!!


Hello once again!


Whew! It's been a while since my last post, but I HAVE been playing! Just hopping into my town to make sure things are alright each day! I can't give up my streak!

CRAAAZY Redd was in town! I wasn't even expecting him, even though I had his flyer! And luckily, he actually had good stuff this time, LOL!

Not only did he have Pinball for NES (it was 12k bells, YEOWCH!), he also had a Moving Painting! Just what I was hoping for, and it's a painting that I haven't donated yet!

It looks so nice, and the collection now grows even larger!

After donating, I went home and immediately started playing some Pinball!

The next couple days, I just checked in on Fauna and plucked weeds and collected some dailies (fossils, money rock, shiny spot, etc) and checked with the fountain to make sure my town was still perfect! I'm aiming for that golden axe, I can't lose my streak!

Tank buried a nice surprise, and I found it after a bit of searching! A White King!

Well, nothing big or exciting really happened outside of that! I did run into Gulliver once, and he gave me a Female Lion Statue, which I love! (I'll have to post full images of my house soon, it's getting really cozy)

My next goal is really to clean up my other towns, I know I've been saying that a lot, but I always get so tired after my days at work... oh to be 10 again and have all that energy to play Animal Crossing for hours on end!

Until next time, take care!




RAN home as fast as I could just so I could make it to Tom Nook's store at 6pm... All my villagers were hyping it up, saying that there was going to be furniture, wallpaper, clothes, a whole lotta stuff on sale!
Well, I got there. Waiting outside Nookway and ran in RIGHT at 6pm, to see the wide spread of... Two Whole Wallpapers... An Old Brick Wall, and a Parlor Wall. LOL! I went ahead and bought them both, completely emptying his stock :3c

Well, on the bright side I got a PURPLE BALLOON!!

I've also started talking to Truffles more... I felt so bad that I never talk to her, and she lives right next to me! She said this to me today during the rain and it was so sweet...

Looks like there will be more sunny days on the way though, which means bug season will soon be here in full gear!

Remembered to grab a tune from K.K. Slider, and now have something I love to listen to in my house. My first new song in months LOL!

... This also made me realize that I should probably be keeping track of all my K.K. Slider music on my Collections as well.
Another project for another day!

Weed-plucking has begun on Cakeland, but whenever I get to it at the end of the day, I feel too tired to complete the whole town... But it shall get done!
See you next time,


Back at it again at Animal Crossing!! *Does a flip*


Today I completed adding Honolulu, the village I've had since I was a little kid, to the Towns, Collections, and Patterns pages!

Check out those sections, but WOW these designs are like, almost 2 decades old!

Aside from more site-building, I did some little things around the town of Fauna :3

Went on a little treasure hunt to find the furniture that Peewee kindkly buried for me! I also ran into a pitfall, and dug up a ton of Gyroids since it was rainy yesterday!

Mosquito season is finally upon us, so I went and caught one to add to the Museum's collection.

Later tonight, I'm going to be making backups of all of our towns so that I can save them juuust in the case of the original memory cards becoming corrupted. It's a very real thing that can happen to decades-old memory cards, and I would hate to have all our memories go away...

I went and bought new re-pro memory cards to back up the data to, but it makes sense that you can't copy the Animal Crossing town data. So I'm going to be using my hacked Wii to backup all the data to an SD Card!

Maybe later tonight I will be pulling weeds in either Cakeland or Honolulu... some nice TLC to these towns I haven't played in for a long time.

Well, that's all for now! Hopefully I'll have more time to play sometime soon! Tomorrow is going to be a big sale at Tom Nook's at 5pm, and K.K. Slider will be on at night, I can't forget about those!
See you tomorrow!


Day Two of the Blog!


Okay, okay, so I haven't actually launched my site yet, but I'll still write a post. Not much really happened in town today, as I spent most of in-town time collecting photos and stuff for this site's assets. But as far as this site goes, I'd say we're pretty solid and ready to launch! I still need to add Honolulu, my childhood village, to the site's log, and then it will be complete!

I did happen to run into Blanca while running about in Cakeland, though! I totally forgot I gave her such an angry face... I hope she enjoyed the weed-infested town, LOL!


First Entry!


Hello, world! Here's my first entry to my Animal Crossing Log!

Today I was mostly setting up this corner of my site, really going through and coutning everything that I had in my town, like what's been donated, what kind of grass I have... all that!
Craaaaazy Redd was also in town today! I was hoping for a painting, but all he brought was some Lovely Furniture and a Chess Piece... something else too, but ugh! No Painting!

Since my main character's house is completely paid off, I'm thinking about starting a new character soon!
Tomorrow's goal is to get my other town, Cakeland, up on this site too. I want to continue working on both towns at once to get them perfect!

I also can't wait to show you our original, childhood village! We named it Honolulu (lol, we were young kids and didn't know what to name it!) and it holds a lot of old memories. I want to be sure to archive it somehow!

Well that's all the writing for today, remember, if you ever feel like a cockroach, you're still a valuable specimen (to somebody!).